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A letter to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


No, not ‘Dear Coronavirus‘, just ‘Coronavirus’. You don’t deserve it to begin this letter with ‘dear’. In fact, is there anything you deserve? Not that I can think of at this very moment…

I can’t see you, but you are a real nightmare. Thanks to you, we now live in an unreal world. People lose themselves in panic, chaos and fear. The impact is huge even though you’re little.

For us, it feels strange and hard to refrain from the normal things in life when we are feeling anxious and the need to connect. You’re spreading real quick and you’re trying to ban us from everything. But why should we listen to you?

Sometimes I wonder why you hate people that much? But the only thing I can imagine, is that you’re feeling alone. You want to spread yourself because you also want a connection.

But guess what? Indeed you’re alone and we have each other’s back. Because of you we will connect even more, help and support each other. When some of our doors close, one other will open. When you say we can’t do it, we will do it twice.

People are singing to each other across the empty squares, keeping their windows open so that those who are alone may hear the sounds of family around them.

Even though it can be hard, we will work together and will always let it work. You messed with the wrong community.

Today we fight, tomorrow we fight and in the future we fight. Make each day our masterpiece. You can’t beat us. We all in this together and you are alone on this one. You may be powerful, but together we are even more powerful.

We’ re not going to wait for you to let us down… Success is achieved when we make the best out of it.

We are fearless doers and we will always find our way to connect.

So, I think you have to be afraid of us. Because, we are your real nightmare.

Goodbye Coronavirus

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