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Times of Crisis Lead to the Biggest Lessons: What We’ve Learned from Coronavirus.

The world is currently experiencing something that none of us in our lifetime have seen before. This coronavirus has spread quickly and has now had some sort of impact on everyone living in modern society. There has been a lot of coverage over the crisis, and a lot of saddening and negative effects of this outbreak, but it is in times of crisis when we learn the biggest lessons. So, what have we learned?

1. Creativity & resourcefulness

There have been some incredible stories of people shifting their business focus to create new ways of providing income during this time. For example automaker companies becoming the world’s no.1 face mask producer, alcohol companies such as Jonni Gin & Tonic shifting to make hand sanitizer. Our creativity is one of the traits that set humans apart, and there is no time like a crisis to use it to help get us through to the other side. Tap into your creativity, tap into the resources you DO have, and see what creations you can come up with.

2. Adaptability & Flexibility

You cannot prepare for the unexpected. But you can shift your mindset so that when the unexpected happens you are ready to adapt. The people and companies who are coming out of this stronger are the companies who didn’t waste a minute panicking about the crisis and rather focused their attention on finding the answers to the questions the world is currently asking. As humans, we crave routine, which is essential for operating day-to-day, but if we hold on too fast to routine, it can be our downfall. Any disruption to a stead-fast routine can quickly lead to feelings of panic and disorder, which quickly leads to negative effects unless you approach the disruption with an adaptable and flexible mindset. There is no avoiding the fact that there have been some devastating outcomes as a result of this virus, however focusing on the devastation does not help us come out the other side quicker. Adapting and shifting our focus to solutions will. 

3. Power of Community

Okay so technically we haven’t learned this, as we have always known there is power in uniting together. But what we have learned is just how massive that power can be. Never in our lifetime have we seen something effect the world as we know it like this. And although there is a lot of focus on the bulk-buyers and the panickers, there is also so much strength in the way people are supporting each other. People are going out of their way to help others during this time, offering free services where they can, and sharing as much information as possible to help everyone be fully informed. A great example of this is one of our members, Ilza Nel, who offered her services free in our group to help the rest of the community during this time.

There have already been so many incredible stories of people helping others during this time of crisis, and as it goes on, for sure the devastation will increase, but so will the stories of people uniting and people helping. THIS is the true beauty of human nature, THIS is where our focus should be, THIS is what will bring us out the other side. What we have really learned from Corona, is that we, as humans, and as a global community, are more powerful than we knew.

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