Is Social Media Making Us Unhappier?

  One rainy afternoon back in 2011, when I uploaded my first picture of my food with the caption "snacking with a good book - life is amazing", I wondered as the likes and comments rolled in, whether I was the odd or the average user of social media. The actual person...

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5 Ways to Benefit Your Business by Blogging

  Blogging is a vital tool in social media marketing. Have you ever wondered why your website is not featured on the first few pages of Google? There could be a number of factors but one simple solution to ranking higher on search engines is to add a blog page to your...

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How To Be A Top LinkedIn Networker

  It is fast becoming one of the most used social media platforms and from a portal that started out as mostly a place to find a job, it has hugely evolved. What are we talking about? LinkedIn. Most people are a wee bit scared of LinkedIn, not sure what they should be...

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