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Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing

Rebecca Lieb is a strategic advisor, research analyst, keynote speaker, author, and columnist. Her areas of specialization are among other digital marketing and content marketing.

Content is the base of all marketing initiatives, and helps to build brand awareness and engagement, as well as influences individuals to take the next step of their purchase journey. It’s the most critical element of any marketing.

To be competitive as a business owner, it’s important to embrace all aspects of digital marketing. There are endless possibilities for brands including email, video, social media, or website-based marketing opportunities. This will help you to generate leads and build brand awareness.

But the art of digital marketing is where the magic really lies. The genius of our best work comes from the moments when we feel inspired.

The most important thing is knowing your ‘WHY’. Ask yourself, ‘what do I want to give to people and why do I want that?’. What do you want to achieve and why is that important to you? If you don’t know why something is important, others won’t know either. The WHY is what will allow your brand to be authentic and it’s why people will buy into your brand.

The magic of digital marketing comes when your combine your why, with creativity. Coming up with interesting, fun and engaging online marketing campaigns is one of the most sure fire ways to positively promote your business and bring in sales. Think about what channels will work best for your audience, and then let your creative juices flow! It’s important to enjoy the experimental aspect of marketing online, and if you tie all these aspects together, you will crack the code of successful digital marketing.

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