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Facebook And Instagram Ads: Why Your Business Needs It

If you are a business owner (big or small) and you haven’t been running ads on Facebook and/or Instagram, you need to seriously consider doing it straight away. Why? Well because organic content is no longer a viable strategy for founders, plus running Facebook and Instagram Ads is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business – especially if you advertise across both platforms simultaneously, since the opportunity to reach your audience becomes so much higher.  

In this blog post we want to share some of the best campaigns we’ve seen lately, and tell you how you can learn the best practice methods for running your own successful, hig-converting social media ads.

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Facebook and Instagram Ads: Case Studies

Mathieu Laca: Contemporary portrait painter who’s Instagram Ads drove 688% more traffic to his website

The artist started using Instagram ads in his marketing efforts and the result was phenomenal: he reached 3 000 new followers on Instagram, had a 688% increase in website traffic, plus had 416 shares on Facebook. The goal of the campaign was simple – to increase brand awareness and website traffic. How? By making use of Instagram ads. He took his most popular and successful posts and advertised them on Instagram by continually running one ad at a time. He achieved his goals after a couple of months! 

Embed code from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGiOsuJHJ6g/ 

SkinLabo: Beauty brand winning 18x more new customers

The Italian digital-first beauty brand made use of dynamic creative for Facebook ads in order to launch in (and win over) the Spanish market. The result? They won 18x more new customers, had a 49% increase in conversion rate and a 51% lower cost per new customer. The creative strategy focused on sharing messages about the benefits of the brand’s business model and to showcase some of their most exciting product deals. The use of dynamic creative (taking multiple media and ad components and mixing them together in new ways to improve ad performance) meant that the company could automatically find the best and most effective combinations of different creative assets for the ads. 

Nescafé Philippines: Running collaborative Instagram ads to achieve a 25% increase in incremental conversions

As one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, Nestlé’s goal with the campaign was to understand how partnering up with content creators in the Philippines could drive and boost awareness, consideration and conversion for their coffee brand, Nescafé Gold. They partnered with lifestyle creators based in the Philippines to generate visuals showcasing how coffee forms part of their everyday lives. The Collaborative Ads conversion objective was used to turn these branded content ads into Collaborative Ads to reach a wider audience. The result meant a 25% increase in incremental conversions, and a 40% increase in incremental add-to-cart actions.

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Facebook and Instagram ads webinar

Facebook And Instagram Ads Masterclass

Do you want to learn how to generate 1000+ leads per month from Facebook and Instagram advertising? 

CEO and co-founder of Future Females, Lauren Dallas, is a serial creator, coach, educator and growth marketer of 12 years, and a full-time hedonist. She has been coaching entrepreneurs on how to set up and run effective online ad campaigns for 10 years. She has started 9 businesses, so knows first hand the grind that goes into making those sales and getting traction to build your business. Lauren has grown the Future Females community to 55 cities and over 95,000 members in just 4 years and supported thousands of women through her online training programs. She lives to support women to build and run successful businesses – to live on their own terms, work in their own time and generate both profit and massive impact. And it all starts with an effective ad. 

We want to invite you to join Lauren’s FREE and exclusive online masterclass, where she will be teaching you everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram ads. 

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