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Channel Champions: LinkedIn For Business

Have you ever wondered how to navigate LinkedIn for business and personal? Well, allow FF's Joosje De Vrede to break it down for you!

Our blog series, Channel Champions, is a collection of 4 blogs. We have interviewed the experts behind our different social media channels to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. This series gives you access to the people who know EXACTLY what they’re talking about when it comes to social media. And not just social media but how to use these platforms to leverage your brand and build your business.
Are you ready for our experts to teach you…? Let’s dig in!

Channel Champions Part 4: LinkedIn For Business

It’s no secret that social networks have changed almost everything about the way we live. This now includes the way we do business. Rarely thought of as a social media network, LinkedIn is gaining popularity after having long been the less understood stepchild of the social media community.

Founded in 2002, by Reid Hoffman and co, LinkedIn launched to the public in 2003 and failed to be an immediate hit. After gradual growth, 2006 saw the turning point for the platform, as it launched the public profiles that the site is known for today.

Right, so you’ve set it up, people can see you have a job or have had a job once (maybe a few times), but what now? Can LinkedIn be leveraged for businesses or is it only for individuals to connect?

After we’ve connected, what happens next? Marketing Coordinator and LinkedIn Manager, Joosje De Vrede has the answers. In just 10 months, she grew our Future Females LinkedIn following to 10k! Being a Communication Science student, she definitely knows how to connect the dots between academic knowledge and creativity.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is LinkedIn best used for?

LinkedIn is the best platform to stay up to date with industry news, enhance your professional reputation, and increase the visibility of your brand. It’s also a really great way to share personal wins. It seems to be a really formal platform but it’s also a really nice platform to connect with people on a personal level.

Why is LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn is really useful to build valuable relationships with your customers. I believe people use LinkedIn the most to gain deeper, more personal information.

As an entrepreneur, should I use LinkedIn for business, for a personal account, or both?

It definitely depends on whether you want to be more personal or if you only want to showcase your business. The best way to gain more connections/followers is by making your profile a business page, so people can follow you. Either you can make your personal profile a business page (if you’re a coach for example) or you can make a business page for your business and then also keep your personal profile going as well.

What should I include in my profile?

It’s important to have a thorough description of what field you’re working in, so you’re accessible for people that are going to be important to you. Choose the right profile picture and list your skills. Give people information that isn’t on your CV. Tell them YOUR story. Also, spotlight the services or products that you offer.

What type of content should I be sharing?

Find a balance between inspiring content (such as ideas and valuable information, case studies about a relevant topic), product offers (updates or information about your products) and personal shares (behind the scenes or sharing from your own experiences).

What are the best new features on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Live for sure! I also really like the swipe up on the stories. Despite stories not being used the same as Instagram Stories, I expect (hope) stories will be used more often in the future. So, whether you use LinkedIn for business or personal, always keep an eye out for updates and new ways to reach people!

How do you actually network on LinkedIn?

That is a really good question. A “living” online network requires more than just following many colleagues and friends. It is not about following and occasionally responding to something you find interesting, but rather about sharing interesting content online yourself. Things that will benefit others. Following up with your new connections and having a conversation is a great way of keeping your network vibrant and up to date. You can also ask your network for help. Use the ‘poll’ function for example.

Furthermore, it is important to react to other posts as well as tag people when you do post. So the connections of the friend you tagged can also see your reaction and might visit your profile. You need to follow specific hashtags and respond and interact with the people that also use that hashtag.

Are you supposed to curate your connections or just accept anyone?

You need to accept the ones that may be valuable for you! Connect with the people you know. LinkedIn enables you to suggest people you could connect with if you visit profiles of people that might be interesting for you.

The free accounts offer users the ability to create a profile, apply for jobs, and network. Premium users get a more immersive experience. LinkedIn is also working on more paid features for employers and companies with premium profiles.

Following other social media trends, LinkedIn looks to increase its emphasis on video content as well as video chat functionality.

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