Ready to create your own successful business?

We know exactly how scary it can be to think about starting your own business. And if you’re wavering because…

… you think you need more time / money / energy / stability

… you don’t feel comfortable SELLING (or know if now is the RIGHT time)

… you’re not 100% clear on your product or service just yet

… you get overwhelmed just thinking about it

… you don’t know where to start

Then firstly, know that you are absolutely not alone! We hear this from our Business School students ALL the time before they start their business. The good news is, every single one of them has been able to overcome these self-limiting beliefs.

Here are just a few examples of some of our incredible Business School students. They told us how they overcame their fears, uncertainty, and challenges, and have been able to successfully build their own businesses:​

Chiara Haenel​

When Chiara first started out she wasn’t sure what life was going to look like as a solopreneur.  It felt like a big scary step to start up on her own… but she quickly found that being a part of the business school meant she was surrounded by a strong tight-knit community of female entrepreneurs. So, she never felt alone in her journey.  Chiara said, “the group calls were exactly the kind of motivation and inspiration I needed to be bold and go after my dreams. Experiencing all these brilliant, smart, passionate founders turning their dreams into reality is priceless.”
As well as the community aspect, the structure of the program and how each chapter builds upon the previous one, helped her make sure she didn’t miss any steps and made sure she has a strong, firm foundation, on which to build her thriving business.

Chiara during her Business School journey:

  • Learned how to run Facebook ads to drive people to her landing page, and start running successful webinars to bring in new clients.
  • Got her first paid job as a motivational speaker
  • She became brave enough to make herself visible, setting up a POWER website and online presence, which led to her receiving numerous offers to collaborate with other bigger brands and partnerships.

Jordan Clark​

Jordan is the founder of Dooeys, a house shoe, made from plant-based and recycled materials. Tired of having to choose between wearing unsupportive slippers and outdoor sneakers at home, Jordan craved a stylish, comfortable house shoe that still captured the coziness of a traditional slipper. She knew there was a gap in the market, but she didn’t have the knowledge or experience to know where to start…
Jordan used the Future Females Business School Startup Success Path to take her idea out of her head and turn it into a reality. She said, “the Business School was one of the best decisions I made leading up to the launch of my business. It is 100% worth it”

Jordan during her Business School journey:

  • Generated 3,000 new leads through Facebook ads in just a few weeks
  • Launched and exceeded her Kickstarter target of $12,500 in just 3 days. Using this money to then fund the first stage of making her product and starting to scale.

Alicia Ferrer​

Alicia is the co-founder of Grüneo, an online gardening store that delivers the first-ever DIY indoor gardening box for beginner gardeners. The box gives you all-natural materials and technical support to grow a luscious garden on your windowsill. Alicia has vast experience in business and marketing, but have never started a business before. Both her and her co-founder, Lena, were unsure of where to start. The Future Females Business School showed them the best starting point and helped build from there. Alicia said, “with this intensive course of entrepreneurship, I was able to deep dive into the first steps of my business, for example, sketching my customer persona, writing my vision and learning about how to test a prototype”.

Alicia & Lena during their Business School journey:

  • Successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign (during the Covid lockdown). Raising €11,500 with 191 supporters and pre-selling 400 boxes across 9 European countries
  • Opened an online shop and start getting their first sales
  • Registered and founded a legal brand in Germany, with a German and European Organic certification

And we are proud to say we have many more success stories of how the Business School has helped over 500 female entrepreneurs around the world take those crucial first steps in building a successful business.

Are you ready to create your own success story?

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