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why a social media strategy is important

This Is Why a Social Media Strategy Is Important

If you don’t know this already, if you’re running your own business in today’s day and age an effective social media strategy is non-negotiable. Why? Let’s look at some statistics (according to Sprout Social): 

  • Since the beginning of this year, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms.
  • Adult social media users spend 95 minutes per day across all social channels (it is higher than ever, and still increasing). 
  • The fastest-growing social media network is TikTok
  • Facebook has roughly 10 million users
  • When it comes to engagement, Instagram dominates (it has an 81% engagement rate, compared to Facebook with 8%). 
  • More than half of Twitter users use the platform on a daily basis (52%). 

We can go on, but it’s a no-brainer that social media is a huge modern-day phenomenon that is not going anywhere. And if you want to be a clever businesswoman, you need to make sure you don’t get left behind. The trap many entrepreneurs fall into though is trying to create as much content as they can, across as many channels as they can, without any form of strategy. This is essentially a waste of time. By implementing a social media strategy, you can make sure your efforts are effectively leading to your desired outcomes (whether that is audience growth, community engagement, or sales – or all three!). Building a strategy that is not only effective but also unique to your specific audience will put you ahead of your competitors. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you need a good social media strategy. 

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5 reasons why you need a social media strategy

  1. Meet your customers where they are

As we’ve seen in the statistics shown above, A LOT of people are social media users. Your customers undoubtedly too. How are you going to meet them where they are? This is where strategic thinking is important. Do a market analysis to determine which social channels you will focus on. Also, remember that communication with your customers should not be a monologue. Interact with them and listen to their voice. 

  1. Build brand awareness

A social media strategy will increase your brand awareness. You get to reach more people with your content (content that actually resonates with your preferred audience), and it’s an opportunity for your customers to find you and communicate with you. If your brand presence is consistent and you have a specific voice, you will also attract more customers. 

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  1. Stay ahead of your competitors

What are your competitors currently doing on social media? Is their strategy better than yours? What can you take away from the findings? Remember that your strategy should be unique and although you can incorporate some of the strategies your main competitors are implementing, think about what would differentiate your brand. 

  1. An increased organic online presence

An organic strategy will help you to plan ahead. Create a social media content calendar and use this to schedule posts in advance. Consistency is key and will help your platforms to grow. It will also increase organic traffic to your website. Always remember to keep your content interesting and relevant. 

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  1. Customer service

Social media has become the place for customer service. Customers want to know their needs are being met while they’re online. If your customer service is excellent it will lead to word-of-mouth and more people will be interested in your business. 

4 Guides to a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Take a look at this infographic for four guides and principles to a powerful social media marketing strategy. 👇

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