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How To Start A Business

Have you been wondering how to start a business? Well, we may have just the solution for you if so! Read more to find out.

Have you been dreaming of entrepreneurship? Dreaming of being responsible for your own paychecks and the freedom that comes with owning your own company? But every time you feel caught out by the same question “how to start a business”. Maybe you’ve Googled it once, twice, fifty-two times? Whatever the number, we’re here to help.

We’re going to use a specific example to talk about this: gardening.

Let’s be honest, anyone can create a garden, whether you have a small patch of grass or a large, rolling plot, it’s all about construction. What plants will thrive where? What conditions do each need in order to bloom? What sort of flora and fauna mix should there be? How often do things need to be watered?

As we say, anyone can create a garden by digging a hole, adding some seedlings, covering them over and diligently watering them…but are they guaranteed to grow? No. After some trial and error, maybe. But by that point, you feel somewhat defeated, your resources are depleted and overall it all just feels a little much.

No one becomes a master horticulturist overnight (and no one expects it either!). But don’t throw in the trowel.

The solution? Following a tried and testing plan. No matter what your soil type, the number of seedlings you have available or the time available for watering, there will always be a way to match your conditions to a specific set of plants that will make your garden stand out from the rest. It’s all about PAVE-ing – the Future Females Business School method for how to start a business using the right offer at the right value with the right connections and the right method.

Whether you’re in the idea phase or you’ve visited the local nursery and bought a few things, Business School will help you to plan, plant, implement and profit.

Doors will be open until 02 September 2021, don’t miss out!

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