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Meet the first 5 creators of the new Future Females learning platform

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to take the next step and reach the sky with your business? Future Females is launching the very FIRST community-based learning experience for anyone ready to invest in their success – the Future Females Platform. Built for women in business, this platform will aim to become the leading online e-learning platform and community forum for female entrepreneurs who understand that their business will only grow as fast as they do. 

Have you signed up for our waitlist yet? If not, click here to register! (Psst, the most engaged women on the waitlist will become founding members of the platform).

The e-learning platform, which launches later this year, will feature courses from renowned and achieved entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers. The new e-learning experience tailored to women will feature a variety of courses around the main themes wealth, health, business and mind. We are excited to finally announce the first five contributors. With many more to come…

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The first 5 creators of the new Future Females learning platform

  1. Babalwa Mcaciso

Babalwa Mcaciso, influencer and ‘mompreneur’ is one of many South African creators and entrepreneurs to join the platform and teach its community members her strategies around personal branding. Not only has she built a thriving community of 267,000 followers but she also started her own business in 2021, a successful loungewear brand called BNM

  1. Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman is the co-founder of Retroviral, Retroactive, MatchKit.co, Webfluential.com, and Put Foot Foundation. He will be bringing his unique storytelling to the community-based learning experience to provide insight into creating viral brand campaigns and building a business with commercial cult status. The creative guru and author of Brandalism knows a thing or two about brand building, having helped more brands go viral, globally, than any other African agency. 

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  1. Arlene Mulder

Winner of the Forbes Women in Africa Technology and Innovation Award and one of Africa’s 20 New Wealth Creators, tech-entrepreneur Arlene Mulder is another contributor who will be featured on the new platform. She will share her secrets to captivate a room and secure millions in funding in less than an hour through her tried-and-tested pitching process. 

  1. Devon Krantz

Devon Krantz is an experienced blockchain consultant throughout Africa and Europe. As a CEO and co-founder of Linum Labs, Devon wants to see more women become successful in the blockchain industry. As part of the e-learning experience, Devon will teach a course on “How to stay ahead of the curve by setting your business up for the future”. 

  1. Megs Hollis

Megs Hollis is a South African digital marketing strategist by day and YouTuber and course creator by night. She loves sharing everything she has learned in the last ten years of working for digital agencies and brands in the realm of social media strategy and digital marketing best practice. Her aim is to help you #dodigitalbetter – she has created over 130 educational videos online and amass 330k views along the way. 

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The Future Females platform will offer a space where you can connect and collaborate- physically, digitally, and emotionally- with other entrepreneurs and where we can rise together.

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