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Channel Champions: Instagram For Business

Channel Champions is here to show you everything you need to know about using Instagram for your business with FF's Niamh Aremband.

Our blog series, Channel Champions, is a collection of 4 blogs. We have interviewed the experts behind our different social media channels to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. This series gives you access to the people who know EXACTLY what they’re talking about when it comes to social media. And not just social media but how to use these platforms to leverage your brand and build your business.

Are you ready for our experts to teach you…? Let’s dig in!

Channel Champions Part 1: Instagram for Business

We are all familiar with our own ‘duck-faced’ grid posts on Instagram but when it comes to actually using the app to make money, it suddenly becomes daunting and, dare we say, threatening. Writing a caption brings back feelings of matric essays, your inner film director can’t find the right background and Lord let there be light!

This is all before you need to figure out whether or not you want to post on the grid, reels or IGTV, what’s the difference anyway?

Created by 27-year-old Kevin Systrom (don’t worry, you have time to make your business a success, keep reading) and made available to us in October 2010, Instagram is rapidly becoming…haha just kidding, Instagram has been the most popular social media channel for a while now and is showing no sign of losing momentum.

What started off as a casual photo-sharing app, quickly turned into the most used social media app and is now being used by businesses around the world, successfully!

Channel Champions is here to show you everything you need to know about using Instagram for your business.

We captured a few minutes of Future Females Instagram Manager, Niamh Aremband’s time to answer some of your most pressing questions.

When she isn’t being incredible behind the screen, Niamh is studying brand communications, majoring in copywriting.

Having worked on the account for just under two years now, Niamh has grown the Future Females account from 25k to… a lovely little 133k. She’s a freakin’ genius.

Oh, now we have your attention! We won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s dive in.

How do I engage with my audience effectively?
Use Instagram’s interactive tools! Polls and question boxes in stories are a great way to allow your audience to engage with you on a daily basis. In terms of grid posts, try asking questions in your captions and make sure to engage with your audience by responding to their comments on your photos. Also, make sure to check your DMs regularly and respond efficiently.

What are the best new features on Instagram?
Reels are definitely Instagram’s most exciting new feature. It allows creators to post the type of content that people want to consume right now (bitesize videos) on Instagram, instead of only on TikTok.

As an entrepreneur, should I have a business account or a creator account? (and what is the difference?)

Creator accounts are basically for influencers who don’t have a monetised business model yet. Business accounts are a MUST if you’re an entrepreneur who is selling from your platform. A business account gives you access to detailed insights about your followers as well as compatibility with scheduling apps and the ability to promote Instagram posts as ads (which is vital for a business).

When is the best time to post and how do I make sure my audience will see it?
Check your user demographics (which you’ll have access to with both a business and creator account) to see when your audience is most active and then post during these times. To increase your chance of being seen, use hashtags and share your grid post to your story.

What’s the difference between Reels and IGTV?
Reels are short-format videos (maximum 30 seconds) whilst IGTV videos tend to be much longer.

How often should I be posting?
This really depends on your brand. Some businesses, such as Future Females, post multiple times a day. You should at least be posting a minimum of 3 times a week on your grid and every day on stories if you’re trying to grow your account.
What is the fastest way to grow quickly on Instagram?

Right now, it’s reels reels reels!!! Instagram is pushing reels hard, in order to compete with the phenomenal success of TikTok. Using this feature is a great way to be pushed by the algorithm and go viral, even as a small creator!

Feel like you can handle a reel or two before the weekend?
Using Instagram for your business first takes understanding what your business needs, check out your followers’ movements, and go from there. Plan some regular posts, make them engaging, and don’t be scared to use Instagram’s reels to boost your visibility on the algorithm!

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