The Changing Landscape of Female Entrepreneurship

“If women started businesses at the same rate as men, global GDP could increase by $28 trillion (the size of America and China’s GDPs combined), by 2025”

Over the last 6 months, we have been working in the background with an independent research consultant and our partner, UK-South Africa Tech Hub, to put together a report detailing the global picture of what is happening in the female entrepreneurial space.

Changing female entrepreneurial landscape

We know how important is it for us, as a community, to know what the changing landscape looks like in entrepreneurship. So that we can better support you in achieving your goals and building a successful business. We know that COVID-19 has had a huge impact, but there are also so many deep-rooted factors that have been influencing the rate of female entrepreneurship around the world. We looked historically at what those factors are, and also more recently, especially with the effects of global lockdowns. We also assessed many different statistical reports and were able to confirm a number of very powerful facts about the benefit of an increase in female entrepreneurs for both individuals and society as a whole. Quite frankly, it was FASCINATING. ?

Here are the 3 findings we thought you’d also find interesting to see

  1. For every dollar invested, businesses founded by women generate almost 2x more revenue than those founded by men.
  2. 89% of female entrepreneurs have experienced mindset challenges, with imposter syndrome being the number one mindset challenge that women say they have experienced (so if you’re currently struggling with imposter syndrome you are most definitely not alone!).
  3. Women in emerging marketplaces put as much as 90% of their earnings back into their local economies and they often act as an investment vehicle for their families and communities.

Three case studies

The report looks at three case studies of incredible entrepreneurs; Maja Schreiner (founder of Sharing Tribe), Nobukhosi Dlamini (founder of Bahati Tech), and Emma Dicks (co-founder of CodeSpace Academy). It is to highlight some examples of businesses that are leveraging technology, creating positive change and impact in their local communities, and adapting to changing market needs. To check out more about these three powerhouses and the innovative businesses they’re running, and also to see the rest of the insights and suggested outcomes you can read the full report here: The Changing Landscape of Female Entrepreneurship.

We are so excited to be able to use the findings to help direct the solutions we create to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother, easier, and better supported ?

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