Start, Re-start & Then Start Some More

 You’ve got your matching gear, latest sneakers, your personalised water bottle. You’vememorised all the necessary #motivationalquotes and your playlist is so hot, it’s burning up. Who needs Eskom? Watch out Rocky, here comes Thandi!Bam! You kill your first workout...

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Empowerment Life Lessons

 When I was a child, I noticed how my mother wasn’t empowered to develop her full potential. Her parents made the choice to invest in their only son for education, even though my mother was older and highly intelligent. Granted, they could probably not have afforded...

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How to Practice Power

  Get your assertiveness on! A number of years ago when I was working in a large corporate, I received feedback from my manager that I had a “low tolerance for incompetence.” Interestingly, this is was not given as a piece of positive feedback, but rather it was a...

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