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Where ambitious female entrepreneurs get clarity, set massive goals, and take tangible steps towards building their dream businesses EVERY SINGLE MONTH.​

Doors are currently closed for Founders Club. To be the first to her when they open, join the waitlist below! 

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Let's get real


Let alone managing a business, day job, your personal life, budget, and family!

And on top of all the external pressure of life, there’s overwhelm, self-doubt, distractions, people who are way ahead of you on their journeys (or at least making it look that way on social media), and (for most of us) that internal niggling voice questioning whether this whole entrepreneurial path is even for you.

We said we were getting real with you… (no overnight success bull right here).

Being a business owner is not the easy path, but it is DEFINITELY the most rewarding path, and the ONLY way to operate on your own terms and build the life of your dreams.

But do you know what does make it easier?

Not walking the path alone.
Not wasting your precious time and energy.
Not ‘guessing’ your way to success, when so many others have done the trial and error for you.



Founders join us when they want to STOP:

  • Doing it all alone – they want to overcome the feelings of being tired, frustrated and stuck, wondering when will this all be ‘worth it’
  • Feeling overwhelmed by trying to ‘figure it all out’ themselves – they just want to learn from someone who’s done it all before
  • Allowing fear and procrastination to hold them back from taking the RIGHT action in their business (the action that will actually have an impact)

Founders join us when they want to START:

  • Feeling confident, supported and excited by every action they take in their business, and in achieving their massive business goals
  • Breaking through – getting unstuck and seeing consistent leads and customers into their business
  • Feeling in flow – operating from a calm and connected space that attracts the right energy and opportunity into their businesses and lives

The Founders Club is for women who are committed to life-long learning, and see collaboration as essential (not optional), in achieving their goals.



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Access coaches who’ve done it before, content that’s full of proven strategies, accountability forums that won’t let you fail, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs building their dream businesses and lives alongside you, excited to celebrate your wins!


you can expect on the inside

Whether you want to turn your side hustle into your full-time business, take your established company to the next level, or scale to new heights, we have what you need – here’s a look behind the scenes…

The tips, resources. templates and exact steps to follow to move through each phase of your startup journey (from idea, to fully scaled business)

Each month we run a live training to support you to implement a proven success strategy into your business – to help you maximise your time, energy & relationships​

Your face-time with a leading global expert or serial entrepreneur, taking you through their story, and a case study of how they succeeded, and answering all of your burning questions

A monthly interactive training session with one of our partners – e.g. Google, Facebook or Shopify – on how to best utilise their tools to grow your business

A live session, once a month, where you have the opportunity to get feedback from experts on the areas of your business that you need support on

Interactive workshops getting you to think bigger, and hold yourself accountable to making (and tracking) your progress, every month

Be paired 1:1 with another member at the same stage of business as you, to support each other, and commit and hold each other accountable to your goals

Connect with other female founders, get featured and market your business in our member directory, find services you need & collaborate with complementary businesses, all around the world

A social session focused on helping you build your entrepreneurial network, find collaborations, and discuss mindset, wellness & other topics that influence your entrepreneurial journey

Our members




We’re Cerina and Lauren, and we know first-hand about building businesses online.

Between us we’ve started five businesses, worked in six global accelerators, directly coached over 1,000 female entrepreneurs, and built the Future Females community… to over 25 cities and 20,000 members, all in under 2 years.

We understand what it takes to grow a successful business – the practical strategies, and the inner work that needs to be done.

And the most important success factor? Being surrounded by a supportive community. The Founders Club is our inner circle – where we and the members of our community openly share, celebrate wins, learn from fails, and collaborate. We’d love to see you in there and support your journey.

Doors are currently closed for Founders Club. To be the first to her when they open, join the waitlist below!


Asked Questions?

The Founders Club is designed by female entrepreneurs, for female entrepreneurs – it supports you in the five key areas that are critical to an entrepreneurs success – education, inspiration, coaching, accountability and community.  

We focus on tangible & measurable impact in your business – supporting to focus on the high-value tasks, and make progress every single month.

It is a safe space for you to try, the share your struggles and seek support, and to share your wins and celebrate with other entrepreneurs who understand the exact journey you’re going thro

YES! The most important part of the Future Females is the community. We want all of us to be able to tap into each others challenges, as well as each others learnings, so we can grow, develop and collaborate together.

In addition, we will connect you directly with an accountability partner – another entrepreneur in the Founders Club at the same stage of business as you, to share goals and keep each other accountable.

Every month, we also give you the opportunity to learn from and connect to expert speakers, coaches, and trainers from some of the biggest brands (e.g. Google, Facebook, Shopify).

The power is in the network 💪

We are lucky enough to have some INCREDIBLE people in the Future Females network.  We bring you experts in each field, who have an inspiring story, and a proven track record of success & impact in their areas.
Some of the sessions you’ll already find in your portal include sessions from Jos Dirkx (frequent TedX speaker), Pride Maunatlala (youngest CMO of a multi-national brand), and Lauren Wallett (LA-based social media expert), Ann Wilson (the ‘wealth chef’ & expert in financial freedom), all of whom are unbelievable powerhouses in their relative industry. We’ve been working with these incredible women from the beginning and their tips, tricks and insights are essential for anyone taking on the entrepreneurial world. 🙌

Yes of course! 

You can cancel any time directly in your portal, or put your payment on hold if you need to take a break.

 We have designed it so it’s easy for you to step out at any point – however, trust us, you’re not going to want to😉!

Our content is designed for anyone from idea stage to scaling stage. As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing, determined to make proactive steps towards your business goal, and ready to hit the ground running then YES this will be relevant and beneficial for you.