Taking Flight In Business Leadership Through Technology

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We all want to be a great leader, or even improve our way of doing so.

The world around us is forever changing and adapting to technology. Every aspect of your life has been impacted by technology in some way, and business leadership is no different. Right now, there are some simple technology-based tips we can use to assist us in both more effective management, and ever expanding leadership. 

Improved Collaboration And Unity In The Workplace

Collaboration has been the core of the modern leadership movement, as opposed to the previous authoritarian style.

For any of you working in the corporate world, you may have experienced micro managing at some point. Perhaps noticing how human nature’s bind with a common enemy, like the newbie?

I remember talking to a friend recently who used to practice yoga, or even meditate in the bathroom stalls at times. I know of someone who has tried to jump off a building – it get’s pretty intense, so let’s look at how we can harness technology as a tool for an effective way of getting better in what we do.

Collaborative leaders blur the lines between the boss and junior employees by focusing on garnering participation across the board, creative thinking, and team building. With collaborative leadership, it’s no longer about who’s in charge, it’s about the team.

The Evident Shift In The Definition Of Success 

We become more reliant on technology, for so many things. As a business leader, you need to concentrate on technology and what it means to your organisation. Some major business leadership titles such as CEO are changing and sometimes taking the backseat to positions such as CIO (chief information officer), an individual charged with the task of creating new business via technology and making sure that the organisation is maximally exploiting available technological resources.

Still, many organisations continue to hang on to familiar hierarchies as they always find themselves in some sort of organisational limbo if they try to make any changes, resulting in what one can only describe as contemporary organisational structures.

Legacy thinking can kill innovation, which Richard Malholland discusses in more depth in his excellent book, ‘Legicide’.

Using Influence To Inspire People 

To build upon the fact that good leadership success is no longer hinged on power, it’s inspired through influence. Leaders need to model what employees need to do and explain the purpose of doing it. Experts cite generational contrasts as the reason behind this trend.

Business leadership positions are largely driven by success; knowledge, relations, power, and authority have less place. The success of a business leader is now based on how well they can apply technology towards the realisation of the company’s goals.

Now Let’s Look At Millennials

“Millennials = anyone born between (1982 – 2004)” – Mike Bruton

Millennials grew up with technology, they know what it’s capable of and simply assigning them tasks without explaining why they need to perform them won’t cut it. As a business leader, you can use technology to your advantage to influence your employees to encourage the best out of them.

Freedom For All

Some of my favourite tech apps are Dropbox, Team Viewer or task management tools.

These simple apps allow me to work from virtually anywhere, even while exercising at the gym or being in the mountains. We have more freedom to have tasks delegated or done smoothly using technology.

Tracking Analytics

Keeping track of your business and employees through traditional paper-based methods has become outdated, as my colleague once said, ‘fax? wow! that’s something from the stone age!’

There are new analytics tools available for you to use to keep tabs on your business and employees. Not only will using these analytics tools cut time-costs, but will also decrease the possibilities of errors or employee fraud. It’s difficult to fake data when a computer is automatically doing it for you. In order to become an effective leader, you also need up-to-date and reliable data ready at your fingertips. You can easily compare how your competitors are doing, track returning customers, and monitor sales using digital analytics.

Further Learning And Training

Online courses are becoming more accessible, and are very effective in training and communication.

There is a range of online opportunities available to your employees that you should be taking advantage of as a leader, and training is one of them. So streamline the training process by encouraging online courses to study alongside traditional one-on-one training methods.

This cuts down the time employees need for training and will allow them to study the small details on their own time. Online courses are convenient for your employees as they take the time to learn when it is best for them, as well as connecting with others with consistency.

Business leaders are tasked with the often tricky obligation of steering organisations to the financial ‘happily ever after’ optimistic approach – This is an exponential responsibility, as a business leader you need to be able to become the adaptable ever learning enigma across all the levels of an organisation, by being authentic, agile, flexible and transparent.

Be Realistic With What You Listen And Subscribe To

When it comes to leadership, honesty and directness is important. One morning I awoke to a WhatsApp message from a friend saying:

‘’If you are serious about your ventures you should read more battle stories and less motivational talks and Ted shit.’’

I still love TED by the way but I appreciated the constructive, and very valued, insight. 

When we are able to harness technology it’s very important to keep it real, to be human and learn from those that in a magnificent manner – fly together.

Sandhill cranes fly great distances across large continents each with remarkable qualities, first they rotate leadership. No bird stays out in front at all times.

They choose leaders who can handle the turbulence.

While one leads the others are honking in their affirmation.

You are all leaders no matter where you work, your title or position.

We always have a responsibility of leveling up to be the change we want to see in this world, so let’s empower one another by working smartly together.

I do believe that utilising technology is where the world is going and can have a good contribution assisting us.

Storm is Manageress of the beautiful Parkhouse, a unique petite green boutique hotel and also Founder of Cape Travel and Concierge. She is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and finding like-minded changemakers and connecting and working with them towards a bright future! Storm’s hobbies include travelling, surfing, good food, archery, psychology and seeing people happy!


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