Observing Nature to Clarify the Meaning of Balance

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I’m a fan of being outdoors. I know some are and some aren’t, the choice is completely personal but I’m one of those that fits into the ‘big fan’ column. So for me to subject myself to any activity that takes place outdoors is a no brainer. Surfing, hiking, beach day – all these things are what provide balance to me. A sense of perspective and even a calmness to my life because subjecting myself to these activities reminds me of how small myself and my problems really are in the great scheme of things.

When it comes to seeking balance and perspective in my life I turn to nature. There’s something about the proximity to nature, a well-oiled machine that just seems to keep going, that brings me this unbelievably powerful energy. It puts a spring in my step and keeps me going throughout the day or week.


Finding Balance in Nature - Future Females Blog

And this got me to thinking…

I understand that nature works in a cycle. One thing falls, another thing rises, and you know the drill we all learnt at school. But somehow in observing nature and feeling the energy it provides me, there’s something more…a harmony that flows and creates its own balance. Perhaps even a formula we can apply into our own lives that might get us that tad closer to finding our balance.

Looking into my own life, I understand the daily demands:

Wake-up, try workout, eat a healthy breakfast, straight to work…got to make that bacon, eat healthy meals throughout the day, dammit why did I have that chocolate, need to catch up with my friends because I’ve been such a recluse in this new project…maybe I can go for a run later to work off that chocolate, I also would love to read my book, no time, stuck in traffic again and still have to make dinner, dammit… I also forgot to send that email, try keep calm – you got this girl. Why is it already 8pm? And I don’t even have children.

For some reason finding balance in the uncontrollable mess that is Monday to Friday is a struggle, and the more I try control and get a hold of it – the more it falls apart. So if there is a formula that nature uses, I’m pretty determined to find out what it is and apply it to my own life. So I did some research, observation and I’m heading towards a few conclusions.

Here’s what I found:

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals.

Future Females Blog - Observing Nature to Clarify the Meaning of Balance

No…not what you thinking, I just couldn’t resist going there 😉 but now that I’ve mentioned it, it is the truth. Before this bombardment of technology and development came about, we were left to fend for ourselves. Our instincts are what guided us through our daily decisions, not a search engine or daily planner. Things work in nature because everything within that ecosystem is guided by their instincts. So why not let your instincts guide you? The next time you feel that tummy-twirling feeling about a friendship, a relationship, a work-situation or possible an investment opportunity you might be looking into… try listen to what your instincts are telling you, before going ahead with it based on some pre-emptive plans you may have made. Your instincts might actually lead you towards your happiness.

Be the balloon!

Whilst I was doing some research on whether a formula for the balance of nature actually existed, I came across a few very interesting studies that led me to some insightful conclusions. The one theory was that of observing a balloon floating in the atmosphere and reacting to it’s changing environment. As the temperature changes from day to night, the balloon will rise and fall, experience changes in size and volume as the surrounding air moved. It is in this same way that they concluded that elements of nature are continually tending towards a stable level in relation to a fluctuating environmental condition.

So…be the balloon!

There are going to be so many unexpected elements continuously changing your environment and the only way you will be able to lead yourself to a level of stability is by changing, adapting, rising and falling. I think in acknowledging and accepting this fact, you instantly take off so much pressure from yourself to achieve that consistent level of balance. Be lenient and gentle towards achieving your goals and maybe getting used to change is where your balance lies.

Sometimes your moment will come when the conditions are just right.

I haven’t been a surfer my entire life, in fact, I’m pretty new to it. It was actually more recently when I went travelling to Bali (surfing in Bali -a cliché, I know) that I truly fell in love with the sport. There is this level of energy a wave gives you that is a rush like none other, it is so freeing. I quickly learned though, that it’s not always as simple as ‘grab your board and let’s go surfing’. You actually have to be patient…Wait for the perfect swell to come in, time it so you catch it when the tide is just right, make sure the wind comes from the right direction and finding that spot where the wave hits the shore in just the right way to give you that amazing, long continuous wave. All these element have to be working harmoniously together to give you that immaculate force of nature and energy, but it doesn’t happen everyday.

Future Females Blog - February - Observing Nature to Clarify the Meaning of Balance

So, just as these things don’t happen everyday, it’s safe to say; your moment, miracle or perfect conditions for success might not come your way everyday. The trick is patience. Don’t burn yourself out trying to force your perfect moment to happen right now. Keep working hard and don’t loose sight of your goals and aspirations but don’t be hard on yourself when all your elements might not be at play. If you force it, you may actually burn yourself out and miss the moment that was truly meant for you and your success.

In observing nature to try and figure out how to best achieve a state of balance, I must say it isn’t as easy as ‘do x and achieve y’. I always thought it simply just worked, but when I got into actually scrutinizing the way it worked, I realized it doesn’t always go according to plan. There is a constant state of change that is taking place, forcing the elements of nature to follow their instincts instead of trends or pre-emptive thought and more often than not the conditions for success won’t always be optimal. I think the main reason nature seems to work; is a level of acceptance and alignment with this constant change and following that flow instead of fighting it. Perhaps if we try and adopt this, we too will be able to find a state of balance within ourselves and within out ever-changing environment.



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