Multi-Passionate Mogul Archetype

The results are in! Was yours the Multi-Passionate Mogul Founder Archetype? Well, so was a member of our team...can you relate?

When was the last time someone looked at you and said “I just don’t know how you do it?” Oh, this morning? Just before your meeting about the product launch, or was it the webinar you’re putting on?

As a do-er and go-getter, we love knowing that there are people like you out there making things happen! There will be trendy clothes to wear, interesting webinars to dial into and fabulous accounts to follow. As you spend your time dreaming up your next big idea, the girls have started to understand that you may not be available to brunch due to… they aren’t able to keep up; they just know it will be amazing.

Once you close your brainstorm notebook for more than a second and read this properly, you may find you’re not alone. Multi-Passionate Mogul’s like you, and Rihanna got it going on!

If you’ve been following Future Females from the start, chances are you have met Phillippa somewhere on your journey. As a fellow Multi-Passionate Mogul Founder Archetype, Phil can relate! Don’t just take our word for it though…

“My name is Philippa Dods and my passion for women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship brought me to Future Females, where I have been involved since the first event! I started off assisting with the marketing and social media strat, helped out with the blog, partnerships, and events, and today run Future Females Foundation, our NPO focused on eradicating gender-based violence, another big passion of mine.

As a Multi-Passionate Mogul, I completely understand the challenge of having so many interests and passions and wanting to save the world, launch a profitable business AND get fit and stay healthy. Learning how to follow my purpose and say no to what doesn’t serve me, has been the best way to save my time, energy and resources, while still finding joy in following multiple passions.”

Whether you’re committed to being self-made or having the support of a team, you have “shiny object syndrome” where everything seems like a great idea. In essence, it is, or could be, if you stick with it long enough to make it a success.

Knowing exactly what you want is different to knowing exactly how to get there. It’s time to pause, visualize where you want to be in five years and write down what it’s going to take to get you there.

Once you start believing in this method, you will know why it was worth sticking to!

If you haven’t taken the Future Females Founder Archetype Quiz yet, now’s your chance!

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