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Social Media Mastery

By The Growth Academy

Learn the complete system that takes the guesswork out of turbocharging your business growth on social media, automates your customer acquisition efforts through Facebook advertising and quickly turns ‘social’ into your most profitable marketing channel.

  • Six step-by-step targeted Social Media Mastery online training modules
  • Done-for-you templates, so you can easily copy, adapt and implement
  • Join a private community of entrepreneurs like you


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Crowdfunding Training Course

By Crowdfund-360

This 8 week crowdfunding online training course breaks the the running of a successful crowdfunding campaign into 6 modules: planning, storytelling, building your crowd, creating the perfect project plan, communicating your campaign, and how to follow up and retain your backers.

  • Includes 2 1:1 sessions with one of our crowdfunding campaign managers
  • Start anytime, ideally 10 weeks prior to the launch of your campaign
  • This program increases your chance of success by up to 70%


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