“I Walk Slowly, But Never Backward” – The Only Productivity List You Need to Read

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1. Attitude

With the right attitude you can rule the world. Your attitude defines your latitude; if you have the right attitude towards your responsibilities; you can do anything.

2. Purpose

Find your purpose in life and run with it. Your purpose is what you were put on this earth to do. The biggest fulfilment in your life will be the fulfilling of your earthly purpose. Whether this is being a mother, a successful business owner or a doctor. Your purpose is your reason for it all. Keep that at the core and you can’t go wrong.

3. Passion

Passion is the fuel that will keep you going. Even when you are fulfilling and living your purpose; some days it may seem hard and you may feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. This is where passion comes in. Passion reminds you why you’re a nurse when a patient doubts your abilities, it reminds you why you’re a manager when a staff member has disrespected you. It keeps you going when you’re running on empty and gives you that extra boost to carry on.

4. Resources

A successful woman cannot fully function without resources. Here, when I refer to resources I do not only mean materialistic items. We as women should draw strength through motivation, upliftment and self-love. When you feel yourself being worn down- Give yourself that well overdue pep talk. Be a resource of upliftment to yourself.

5. Time

Time is not on our side. A sting theorist out there needs to tell us if it is time that’s moving faster, or if it’s us moving slower. With life being so fast-paced and busy it could be difficult to keep track of time. I try to remind myself as much as I can that Beyonce’ and I have the same 24 hours in a day.

6. Consistency

It is easy to relax back in our chair when we have achieved something great. However, this is the wrong way to go about success. We need to be consistent in our work. We need to be in constant competition with ourselves; constantly striving to be better than we were yesterday.

7. Goals

Whether they are long-term goals or short-term goals; I believe we should always have a goal. Even if we have reached our biggest and greatest goals. We should never stop striving for new ones. Goals help us move beyond our limits. Like an elastic band; they stretch us, allowing us to reach capacities we never knew we could attain.

8. Positivity

The power of a positive mind set may sound like a cliché, but it is amazing what you can achieve by having the right mind set. I have experienced this on a personal level. If you allow negativity and doubt to control your thoughts; you’ve lost the battle. In order to fight the battle, you need to be positive. An athlete does not go to the Olympic games thinking they are going to come last. They go with a hopeful and positive mindset; their eyes are fixed on bringing the gold home for their country. May our eyes be fixed on bringing back the gold for ourselves!

9. Fundamentals

Don’t forget the fundamentals in life. Ensure that everything you do involves the fundamentals. In my life, my fundamental is God. I pray before I study, pray before I write a test or exam, I pray before I go to sleep at night. God is my strength when I am weak. He’s the reason I am able to go through trials in life and stand back up again. Whatever your fundamentals are, put those at the centre of your plans and you will succeed.

10. Self

I don’t think we ever fully get to know ourselves. I believe we are changing every day. With time, our opinions change, our mindsets change and our priorities change. But one thing remains. At that is being true to yourself. Even though we haven’t got ourselves all figured out; it is important to make you happy before you make anyone else happy. Just like the saying goes; you can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself… this is as true as it gets. How can the next person like you if you don’t like you? Uphold your morals and values in your journey of life. Everything you are and are yet to achieve is locked up within you. You are the only person that can take yourself to the next level. You’re the only person that can reach and strive for your goals. Everyone out there is reaching for their own goals; so you remain focused on YOU. In focusing on yourself it is easy to get distracted about the progress of others. But another person’s success is not your failure. There is room on this earth for all of us to be great. In fact, with all the negativity going around. Greatness is desperately needed. And that greatness is locked up inside of you.


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    My heart.

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    So so proud of you my girl. Keep it up. 💖


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