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How to start taking action as an entrepreneur

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” – Margaret Thatcher
An inch of movement will bring you closer to your big dreams and massive goals than a mile of intention. The thing is; the distance between your dreams and reality is called action. Successful entrepreneurs take action even when they are not 100% sure about something. It’s about taking the risk and taking a step because it is the continued movement that takes you closer to achieving your goals.
Almost everyone sometimes gets in a situation where you’re feeling stuck, unsure what the right next move is, and you can’t see a way to get to your goals. But why does this happen? Here are three things to consider to help you get unstuck:

1. Know exactly what you want

Taking action starts with first clearly know what you are doing it for. Entrepreneurs who are uncertain about WHY they want to achieve their goals often go round and round rather than taking steps forward. Take some time to yourself, ask yourself WHY you want to achieve your goal, and think hard about how you want to feel and be when you hit that target. Make sure that your goal is aligned with your purpose, and that you haven’t chosen a goal for other people’s expectations instead of for your OWN why.

2. Don’t wait to start until the whole road-map is ready

It’s easy to think ‘I just need to get X, Y and Z ready before I start’  only want to take action when they have mapped out their entire success route. But trying to map your entire success path before you start will only mean a delay in actually starting. A key part of the entrepreneurial journey is learning and adapting as you go. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do next month; today you just need to know what needs to be done today. Be brave, take that first step, and believe in your ability to work out the rest along the way.

3. Concentrate on creating momentum

It is important to capitalize on the momentum but to really grow you have to actively create momentum yourself. You have to actively create opportunities. YOU are your business’s greatest asset. Believe in yourself and your idea, and try to open as many doors for yourself as possible.
Failure and innovation are kissing cousins. Use the setbacks and challenges that you face along the way to help you be innovative, find better solutions, and create an easier path for your journey. It is so common to hear about embracing failure, but in order to get to your end goals, embracing your failures really is a crucial part. The most successful entrepreneurs don’t spend too long feeling disheartened when things go wrong, they turn it into opportunity, learn from it, and take the next step forward.
Often, you think you’re waiting for the right time to do something, but you will never be younger than you are right now. The time that is passing you can never get back. Now is when you should start. Live now, you control your time, you are in charge of what you spend your energy on, and only you have the power to get yourself unstuck. Embrace the failures, and keep moving.

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