Future Females Turns 3 ?

Today is the Future Females 3rd birthday! And while we, of course, have lots of exciting celebrations planned and love any opportunity to have a party, reaching our yearly milestone is also a time for us to reflect and take a good look at the year that’s past. We will be the first ones to say, entrepreneurship is not easy!! If it was, everyone would be doing it. You’re literally birthing something out of nothing. Creating, testing, winning, losing, and fighting for your dream when no-one else is (and often at 1 am when the rest of the world is fast asleep ? ).

We have yet to meet an entrepreneur who has not had to sacrifice. And so our third birthday celebrations come with a HUGE amount of appreciation for our team, our ambassadors, and everyone in this community – it has been a wild, crazy, exhausting, AMAZING three years, and since we are always focused on growing and learning, we wanted to share the 3 key things we’ve learned over the last 3 years:

​Consistency is key

We hear people say this so often, and it’s just so true. We were once asked, about a year into Future Females, why we had managed to be successful with our events and with our ambassadors, and our honest answer? We just kept doing it. Every single month, we would host an event. No matter how many things went wrong behind the scenes, or how many obstacles we had to get around in order to execute, we were determined to deliver an impactful event to our community every.single.month. Consistency leads to trust – if your customers, clients, and community know that you will reliably show up for them, then they will keep coming back to you, and you will build a powerful, brand-loyal following. In every aspect of your business, be intentional and be consistent.​

​Your people are your power

Future Females is nothing without the people – from every single community member, every single ambassador (past and current), and every single team member, this movement would not be where it is without the energy, attitude, and determination of everyone involved. It is so important to leverage your network when you’re building your business, ask for help when you need it, ask your customers for feedback, and connect with your community – use your network as the powerful asset that it is.​

​​Keep moving (and not just forwards)

Our theme this month is ‘re-thinking failure’ and one of our mentors said to us recently, “if you’re not failing, then you’re not trying hard enough”. We couldn’t agree more. We know ‘failing’ can be hard, but the entrepreneurial journey is littered with highs and lows, and the lessons we learn along the way are almost always more profound from our mistakes than from our successes. There will be setbacks in your journey, but a setback is still movement, and you can use it to help create the momentum you need to get back up. If the recent global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it is SO important to be dynamic, adaptable, and ready for change. So when we say keep moving, we don’t just mean in the same direction, we mean EMBRACE the movement, no matter the direction, and trust that if you’re following your passion, you’re on the right path. ?✨​

We are so grateful for everything that has happened in the last 3 years, and everyone who has been a part of the journey, and we are so excited to see what this next year brings, alongside all of you. ???‍?‍??

If you’d like to hear more about the celebrations we have planned and the fun opportunities there are for you to get involved, go check out our Instagram!

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