Future Females


The first Netherlands chapter of Future Females, founded December 2018

Future Females Utrecht runs regular themed monthly events where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can connect, learn and be inspired by experts and serial entrepreneurs.

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

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Our Partners

Chapter Team

Marleen Mulder


My mission is to drive sustainability through entrepreneurship and communication. I believe for a balanced and sustainable future, we need to reconnect with nature. By taking small steps as individuals, we green-up our daily lives and daily business.

Paula Grieco


I am an advocate for women’s rights. I am a multi-passionate professional. My interest in business, humanities, and women’s rights define who I am, and what I do.

Samantha van Londen


I get my energy from building businesses, increasing revenue and using the diversity within a team to go to the next level. I find ways to expand, improve products and support businesses. I use my curiosity and hunger to learn to see where you can improve as an entrepreneur and what you can learn from what is already there.

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