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The first Dubai chapter of Future Females, founded in October 2019.

Future Females Dubai runs regular themed monthly events where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can connect, learn and be inspired by experts and serial entrepreneurs.

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

8 March 2021

Multi Media & Business Strategy

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Chapter Team

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Lesley Forssman


I have a deep love of adventure, travel, connection, and helping others live their most authentic, and happiest, lives. This combined with my extensive events experience led to the birth of Learn | Play | Work #LPW, a new concept that I hope will inspire global entrepreneurs to live more balanced and therefore happier lives.

Katherine Afonso


Dynamic and self-motivated and always striving to achieve greater.

Individuals who have taken the stage

Jade Wong

Business Development Manager at PRO Partner Group | Company Formations | Secure Local Partnership | PRO Services

Carol Glynn

Personal & Business Finance Coach @ Conscious Finance Coaching Entrepreneur I Chartered Accountant I Finance Coach

Reim el Houni

Dubai Video Production, Media Strategy Consultant, Influencer Marketing, Animation, TV & Digital Content, TVCs & Events
Multi Media & Business Strategy

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