The key tips to good leadership

The beauty of leadership is that there is something for everyone; whether you’re extroverted or introverted, a people-person or a recluse, there is a leadership style that suits YOU and good leadership is a skill that is 100% learnable. People often talk about ‘natural leaders’ but often these are just people who have had more experience working in a team scenario, or they’ve had a role model to learn from, or perhaps they’re just guessing their way along but they’re doing it confidently, and 50% of good leadership is confidence ?.

A common misconception of leadership is ‘but I’m not in a leadership role’. The reality is, we’re all in leadership roles, whether you’re a mother, or a friend, or a solo-entrepreneur, or a CEO, or a junior assistant, there is so much you can learn about your role (and about yourself) from a leadership perspective, which is why we wanted to share our 3 hot tips for leading with confidence ?

? HOT TIP LEADERSHIP #1 – Play to your strengths.

As we mentioned already, regardless of your personality type, there is a leadership style that suits you – use it. Don’t try to be something you’re not. We often think of strong leadership as the Big Boss barking orders at the front of the board room, but this is in fact only one very small style of leadership. If you naturally don’t feel comfortable being an authoritarian leader, then don’t do that. Find what feels right for you and practice it as much as you can. A key part of being a good leader is authenticity and trust. Be true to you, and you’ll build trust and respect with those around you.

? HOT TIP LEADERSHIP #2 – Plan and Prepare.

Confidence comes from feeling prepared, so take the time to get to know your role and the people you’re working with. Gaining knowledge and insight also helps you feel prepared, so do some research, and make sure you feel full ‘in the know’. From here you can get planning. You cannot be a confident leader without a plan. Whether this means getting your processes sorted, or doing a few test runs, it is worth it. Setting aside blocks of time each month to review processes and organizational structures might initially feel like a time-waster, but in the long run, this will benefit both your business and your confidence as a leader as it will help you feel in control and ready for anything.

? HOT TIP #3 – Communicate well.

Generally speaking, this is, of course, a tip for all areas of life, but when it comes to leadership, effective communication is absolutely crucial. Your team needs to know exactly what your expectations are, what their actions are, the timelines, and the quality of delivery. An effective leader is someone who is able to make those around them feel comfortable, and confident in their own abilities. If they know exactly what you expect of them, then they can be confident in their own abilities to deliver. Open and honest communication channels mean that everyone feels heard, listened to, and valued, and this is a vital aspect of building trust within your team.

The key thing to remember is good leaders are those who want to support, develop, and grow, the people around them. Communicate clearly and be authentic in your approach, and you will be well on your way to being a strong and fearless leader.

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