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Four Tips On How To Sell Online

Are you struggling to make sales? Feeling overwhelmed by all the information online? Wondering if you’ll ever have a breakthrough? The truth is, generating sales can start to feel all but impossible without the right formula. 

The Future Females team are here to help with four helpful tips on how to sell online that will help you make a breakthrough!

For the sake of continuity, we’ll go through them in step order but once you’ve committed them to memory, think of them as CACA (make it a personalised bird call, like, “Cacaaaaaa” – be sure to add some ‘spice’). Alright, let’s dig in!

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Step 1: Align

Think audience. Your approach to your audience needs to be aligned throughout your strategies. First things first, you’ll need to answer these questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Why are they my target audience? (If you’re clear on this, it will ensure the ‘who’ is actually correct!)
  • Where are my target audience? How are you going to reach them? Are they on social media? Email? What is your best access point?
  • How can I approach them?

We recommend writing this down, it’s always good to refer back to for clarity.

Step 2: Attract

Right, you know your audience, you’re confident in your targeting, now it’s time to attract them to your offering. 

What’s important to consider in this step is the three TYPES of audiences:

– Not familiar with your business
– Don’t know you
– Don’t yet know your offers
– Don’t yet trust you
– Don’t have any reason to choose you over your competitors
– NOT ready to buy
– Familiar with your brand
– Have already interacted with your content
– Know what you stand for
– Know your offers
– Now trust you over competitors
– ARE ready to buy
– Have bought from you and had a good experience

– Ready to buy again

The name of the game is graduating someone from Cold →  Warm → Customer. How do you do that? 

It’s all about your sales funnel: Value-Based Content → Email → Offer → SALE

Step 3: Connect

Whew, it’s been a journey so far but you’re ready to move on to the next step! You’ve established your audience and, maybe it’s changed slightly depending on the engagement you’ve received, now it’s time to build that connection. 

Reach more of your BEST audience. Now it’s more about building a relationship than casting your content net. Interact with your audience, show them why your brand is trustworthy, why they should go with you over your competitors. 

Step 4: Convert

Success, someone bought your offering! * 30-second dance party commences* 

Now that you’ve successfully converted a potential into a customer, you now have a brand advocate. A person who will recommend you to others, comment on your content, leave a review and become a repeat purchaser. 

The more successfully converted customers, the easier it will be to repeat the process from cold – warm – customer. Now it’s all about momentum, keep it going, scale up when you’re ready, rinse and repeat!

If you’re looking for more help and content with regards to how to sell online, join us for our FREE 4-day Scale Your Sales mini-course commencing today, 22 February 2021.

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