6 Key Things To Remember When Building Your Personal Brand

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Your personal brand is not something you work on when all your other work has been done. It’s the most important part. It starts early and carries on for the rest of your life. Here are a few very difficult, but very important things to remember.

1. Give without expecting anything in return

Okay, now this might sound a little Oprah, but I would rather go with one of the most influential people in the world than sound cool. Who’s with me?

You have to give to others without thinking what’s in it for you. The flip-side of this is an obsession with value – whether you are valued enough, whether something is worth doing because you’re not seeing the benefit and so on. This is a crash and burn philosophy.

By having a generous mindset, you will be surprised how much comes back to you. Holding out a hand, offering assistance and generally being open and receptive will stand you in good stead in the long run.

2. Be authentic

You might say, is that so? The Kardashians have the biggest personal brands out there, but everything about them is fake. Nuh-uh! The Kardashians are quintessentially and 100% Kardashian. They are authentically them. From their eye-watering home waxing scenes to ridiculous torturous red carpet outfits.

Now I’m not saying hang your dirty laundry out there and you’ll have an awesome brand, au contraire! What you put out there and how you walk, talk and treat people should be authentic. Don’t try to imitate and hang onto the image of another: fake gold tarnishes quicker than roots regrowth and then what? You’ve ruined a rep which was completely avoidable.

You’re not perfect, so what? Just try to be better.

Be you, dammit!

3. Your personal brand is everywhere

You are more than your Instagram filtered pics, more than your beautifully written bio, more than smart handles and clever blogs. You are your brand. So as much as you should be your real fabulous self, you can’t expect to bring together extremes and sell that with success.

Your brand is a long-term commitment. Organic growth and word of mouth are two of the strongest brand ambassadors out there. You need to be able to hold your own in the real world. And be kind. Resting bitch face is so last decade.

4. Be consistent

No, I am not saying be a snore fest, but consistency in amazing things such as excellence, good vibes and generosity are great to have as part of your brand lifestyle. Infectious energy goes a long way.

It’s a culmination of the two previous points – if you are authentic, remain mindful and always aware that your weekend black-out is as much your brand as your suited-up and stilletto’d presentation on Monday, you will find it easier to be consistent.

Being consistent is perhaps a little more thought through and curated. But practice creates habits and habits form a life.

5. There’s no shame in quitting

If something just doesn’t want to work and every element within you screams like a baby when you have to do it, just stop doing it.

I think many people just go through the motions way too long, under the impression that it’s embarrassing to quit. What will people say? Well Susan, people are not stupid. If you are not passionate about something, if you don’t believe in what you are selling, guess what? Neither will they. Don’t flog a dead lettuce leaf. You will do more damage to your brand by stumbling into the bramble bushes, and you’ll get yourself cut up in the process.

Don’t let it kill you, walk away and start again. There are mind-blowing places to be and inspirational people to meet, who believe in you and want to see you succeed.

6. Do it for you

I know the whole “be happy” has somewhat had its day in the sun, but it’s relevance has not waned.

Being happy might not be a Julie Andrews number on Table Mountain, but it sure does not include Debbie Downer and her extensive range of sullen expressions. A very wise woman reminded me at the height of some of my most conflicting times, to ask myself with each decision I make: does it nurture me or does it destroy me?

And this is something only you can answer. If your friend can cope with a narcissistic boss and you are being destroyed day by day, don’t apply their rules to you.

Suffering is not a must, it’s a choice. Money is a renewable resource.

Live by your rules, your passions and by what nurtures you. Soon you will see that every fibre of your being will thank you.



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