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Gift Mbewe,
Zambia Ambassador of Future Females



Gifts mission is to build successful, sustainable and relevant female entrepreneurs by creating and growing an entrepreneur support network, the breeds, trains and empowers women to achieve their dreams.

I am part of the Future Females movement because...
"Growing up and seeing first hand how enterprising my mother was and what this did for our family, I have come to conclude that women entrepreneurs are the backbone of economic growth and are powerful engines of development and financial inclusion. When she succeeds, we all succeed. Female entrepreneurs are driven by resilience, determination and the desire to provide for their families and communities , and supporting and promoting them will surely have a  significant positive impact on our country."

Astridah Chipowe,
Head of Talent Management 

Astridah chipowe is a young lady who is hard working,
So passionate about media and who loves helping the needy. Raised by a single mother, Astridah is a writer, TV presenter, motivational speaker and also a God fearing young lady.
She has become a part of Future Females because she wants to contribute her skills, and create change among females in Zambia

Tamara Sambo,
Head of Women in Business

Tamara Sambo is a dynamic team spirited and result driven Business studies and Entrepreneurship profession and a calculated risk taker with deep business and development strategies knowledge. She's an Alumni for YALI RLC SA in Business development and Entrepreneurship and a holder of Ba Hons in Business studies from the University of Greenwich, London with more than 4 years' experience in Business development and Finance.
She has joined Future Females Zambia as she is keen to share her skills and knowledge to help change lives of women in Zambia.

Ngwashi Diane Mwii,
Head of Women in Dialogue

She is 30 years of age, a psychologist b profession and a content entrepreneur with sales and marketing experience, working hand in hand with internal and eternal clients to help companies meet their goals. She is also  YALI RC SA C7 alumni and co-founder of a forum for youth development.
She graduated from Africa University Zimbabwe with degree in Humanities and Social Sciences and she is still pursuing her masters degree in project management at Cavendish University Zambia. Being a career oriented person, Diane is also passionate with helping women and disadvantaged girls in her community by creating an income generating canter to help vulnerable women deal with issues that undermine female empowerment through skills transfer. Having this in mind has helped her to be a more grounded , well routed individual who lives with passion , dedication and grace.

Dora Gumbura Hamakando,
Project Director

Dora is a network marketer who helps women start their own beauty businesses.
She joined future females Zambia because she strongly believes the world needs more female entrepreneurs but most women struggle to get social, technological and financial resources they need to launch. She feels that coming together to support each other is so important. And together we can all learn so much and build each other