Live The Dream, But Make Sure It’s Your Dream

  I have a dream, a Song To Sing. Yes, I’ve become obsessed with the soundtrack of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. After experiencing the full spectrum of sadness, laughter and elated joy as I watched the movie, the soundtrack made it’s way to my phone and I play it...

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8 Tips to Stay Motivated

  You know what’s funny? I struggled to write this article. No joke. The past couple of weeks have been trying and difficult and I have not felt that push to do anything at all. So, writing this was kinda the last thing I wanted to do. I was not motivated! And then I...

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Here’s Why Motivation Is Clickbait

  I consider myself a hardcore self-help junkie. I spend hours a day finding different Ted talks, sermons, podcasts, books, snippets of conversations based on how to improve the daily experience we call life and pursue growth. So, I would say that I am well-acquainted...

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7 Keys For Motivation In The Workplace

  We all get sent those Monday morning ‘motivation memes’ on social media. Monday comes and we have to shift into gear! We have to get focused again for the week ahead. Clear our minds of all the family and life worries and think solely of what is required of us in...

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Finding Motivation From Failure

I was lucky enough to attend the Future Females birthday celebration in Johannesburg in August where Lauren and Cerina talked about failure. It is something that is topical for me right now because I’ve experienced a disappointment that made me doubt myself, and their...

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Getting Gritty, Getting The Job Done

For decades, Industrial Psychologists have argued that regardless of ability, one of the strongest indicators of professional success is conscientiousness - sticking to a task until it’s done and completing it according to expectations. Conscientiousness is especially...

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